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Popp provides professional development that lasts


Most professional development, whilst inspiring, fails to deliver meaningful long-term change. 




At popp, we provide an alt solution for leadership development.

it’s accessible

Invite only

it’s lasting

One-time event

it’s tailored

One size fits all

Are you, or your team, struggling with…?

popp provides to improve stress and wellbeing

Stress, Burnout & Overwhelm

popp provides to improve time

Fire-Fighting & Lack of Time

popp provides to improve personal growth

Low Confidence & Self Doubt

popp provides to improve purpose

Low Motivation & Lack of Purpose

popp provides to improve support

Poor Engagement & Retention

What we offer

There’s 3 ways we support leaders and their teams.


Hear from leaders we’ve had the pleasure to support

Popp Provides Testimonial Louise

“It’s genuinely been the best thing I’ve ever done. I was promoted and invited to join the board of my company”

Louise Hughes

Chief Customer Officer at Bulbshare

Popp Provides Testimonial Steve

“Initially I was sceptical, but the process really shaped who we are as a team”

Steve Mallin

Head of Trade & Category Strategy

Popp Provides Testimonial James

“I now have a personal context against which to challenge myself, to stay focused on what matters for me”

James Godfrey

Global Commercial Development Lead at Nestle


Your journey starts with 3 simple steps

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