Professional development that actually lasts

We foster leadership capability with a focus on purpose, performance & wellbeing. We support leaders foster trust, collaboration & sustainable success for their teams, saving time, money & grey hairs. 


Drive Performance


Foster Wellbeing


Lead with Purpose


Save Time & Money

popp provides professional development for people

What’s the number one driver of business performance?


So, you want high performing employees


…but there are challenges


Your resources & skill sets are stretched.


You lack the time to effectively nurture talent.


You're committed to providing support to your team, yet struggle to support their individual development needs.


You want to foster trust, collaboration, purpose, performance and wellbeing within your team.


You’ve found past professional development sessions underwhelming. They haven’t made a lasting impact.

How we support you

 Influenced by the success formula of top athletes we provide an alternate approach to professional development. We incorporate expert facilitation, with leadership coaching and tailored follow-through to embed the impact.

popp accountability and support

Accountability & Support

Popp provides strategic life design high performing teams programme

High Performing Teams Accelerators

popp as programme designer & facilitator

popp training and development

Training & Development

popp workshops for team facilitation

One-off Bespoke Workshops for Teams

popp as facilitator

popp executive leadership coaching

Executive Leadership Coaching

Popp provides leadership incubator

Mentorship & 1:1 Coaching Programmes

popp as mentor & accountability partner


popp provides frequently asked questions
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What is popp?

Popp provides professional development that lasts.

We recognise how challenging it is to provide professional development that’s right for the differing needs of your people. It’s expensive, time-consuming & thus seemingly impossible to tailor.

If you’re in a smaller organisation you might have only one or two leaders you’re looking to support.

For larger organisations you might have so many leaders it’s difficult to provide that differentiation for your people. 

At popp, we are building a community of outstanding leaders providing tailored professional development that empowers leadership capability & confidence with the highest return on investment because it lasts.

We are here to help make it as easy as possible for you to support & empower your current & future leaders.

How is popp different & why does your approach work?

We’ve developed an ALTernate solution to professional development that’s Accessible, Lasting & Tailored.

We do so by offering tailored support in a combination of expertise, accountability & coaching. We’re focused on embedding knowledge that the individuals need through translating insight into action. The popp community & coaches will support & challenge our members to do that. 

In addition we offer workshops that build high-performing teams by fostering trust, confidence, collaboration, wellbeing and purpose. 

It works because we embed connection, accountability & personalisation.

Those who join our courses and coaching have access to leadership resources & expertise, plus the accountability and support of other growth-minded leaders, to share challenges & successes. They are encouraged to explore what they need and the associated actions required to succeed at the highest level. They are held accountable for following through on that which is going to help them. And this results in sustainable change because they’re supported to develop in the way they personally need.

Are your programmes suitable for our leaders?

Three fundamental principles may help answer that for you.  

  1.       We are here to get lasting results; thus only accept those who are fully committed to their growth & development. Our commitment is to maximise results with minimal time investment; therefore, we do everything possible to drive efficiency and save your leaders time. They need to commit to doing the work else it won’t work. 
  2.       We believe that our career, while an important aspect of our lives if solved alone, is insufficient in unlocking an individual’s full potential. Thus, at popp we empower our leaders through holistic support across their life.
  3. Finally, commitment is paramount, so we recommend both parties (company & member) have a stake in the outcome. By that, we advise participants to partially fund their programme or have another method of stake that enables them to commit fully.

Any questions, take a look below or, reach out to [email protected] for further detail. 

What do you offer & what’s the cost?

Three options – workshops, courses or coaching.  

  • Workshops are for teams & start at £2,500 but vary depending on your specific needs
  • Courses are available for individuals or teams & start from £1,200pp for 12 months with 8-12 weeks immersives. 
  • Coaching starts from £1,350. 

Individuals within our coaching & courses will both benefit from access to our community, monthly group coaching & ad hoc live events. 

Let’s discuss options so we can optimise for your needs. 

Tell me more about the high-performance team accelerator workshops

Below is a flavour of the workshops we offer, but we know all businesses & teams have distinct needs, so book a call or email [email protected], and we can see how we can support and discuss pricing.

  • Unleash your collective creativity
  • Uncover your purpose
  • Power of collaboration
  • Balance, Boundaries & Saying No
  • Smash your goals
I’m keen, what are the next steps?

Find a time that works for you for a call where we’ll discuss your needs and whether we’re a fit to best support your team.  Simply book using “schedule a call” below<click here>. 

Alternatively, send an email to [email protected] and we’ll respond within 24 hours to any questions you might have. 

How do I find out more?

Request our brochure or get in contact directly with our founder [email protected].