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Popp provides leadership incubator

Guided Mentorship, Community & Coaching

popp as mentor & accountability partner

Suitable for: Those who want to be in a community of powerhouse leaders, ready to level up & challenge each other.

I’m ready to join an outstanding peer group of exceptional leaders, to embrace change & grow together.

I want to expert guidance through my journey. I’m committed growth, to doing the work to with the support of experts, coaches & the community cheering & challenging me on.

Popp provides strategic life design high performing teams programme

High Performing Team Accelerators

popp as facilitator

Suitable for: Teams & businesses looking to build the trust needed to collaborate and perform at the highest level.

I want to build a high-performing team to create an environment that sustainably fosters trust, creativity and engagement.

I believe in the power of effective teams working together to seize & create opportunities for growth & tackle hurdles.

Popp provides strategic life design course for professional development

1-on-1 Personal Coaching & Why Discoveries

popp as personal coach

Suitable for: Those ready to supercharge their personal growth, perhaps overcome a specific hurdle or in search of 1:1 support.

I’m ready to challenge beliefs that are holding me back.

I want elevate my confidence, find purpose, support my wellbeing and make the best use of my assets.

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What they’re saying

Tim Hicks Testimonial

"I would highly recommend Chloe as a people-centred and results oriented leader and facilitator.”

I had the pleasure of attending a workshop that Chloe expertly facilitated to deliver both an engaging delegate experience but more importantly prioritised outcomes with clear ownership and next steps. Chloe is a natural facilitator and provided the environment to foster delegate safety and the structure to maximise participation and outcomes.

Tim Hicks

Executive Director & Ex Mars Marketing Director

Jessica Own-Cover Popp Testimonial

“The 'why workshop' has been a game-changer. I could not recommend this enough”

I’m forever grateful to Chloe for helping me “Find my Why ”. I felt completely comfortable sharing and was able to see patterns that resonate but I’d never have picked up on before. I can now clearly articulate what’s important to me in a way that I can constantly come back to. I could not recommend this enough, especially with Chloe!

Jessica Owen-Cover

International Customer Marketing Director

Angela Lai Popp Testimonial

"The most magical thing was the ideas I came up with originated from me and that's why it sticks"

Throughout the whole coaching process, I felt very safe to open up and reveal my inner feelings. I just want to let Chloe know that the impact of the whole coaching experience will last for a very very long time.

Angela Lai

Trade Strategy Manager